Our responsibility


Our values pervade everything we do at Grönsakshallen Sorunda and for us, our values are more important than anything else.

And it’s from these values that our customers, suppliers and our own personnel experience us on a daily basis. Our trademark has been built on these values – this is Our Reality, a compilation of all that we do. Values that affect our approach to environmental matters, how we deal with waste, energy consumption and transport as well as the working environment, gender equality and the health and safety of our coworkers.

Our customers always come first

We would never have become what we are today without the impact and input of our customers. However this can only be taken so far, because their needs and wishes must be in keeping with our values. And it is our responsibility to see that they coincide.

Freedom means responsibility

We allow our personnel a large degree of freedom while expecting them to accept a great deal of responsibility. Naturally all of us who work here maintain high moral and ethical standards and believe in human equality.

Long-term approach

It’s important for us to take a long-term approach with our customers, suppliers and staff. This way of working is both effective and allows for sustainable development.

We’re ever-changing

We see change as something positive, something we do to stay at the forefront of development which in turn provides our customers with inspiration. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, innovations and possibilities.