Ecological and local production


Since the beginning of the 90’s Grönsakshallen Sorunda have handled and stocked some 30 – 40 varieties of ecologically produced items.

From 2006 we began to phase out conventionally cultivated products and replace them with ecological products of equivalent price and quality. By making these choices we have made it easier for our customers to become more environmentally friendly.

The interest in ecologically-grown vegetables has increased considerably in recent years. In keeping pace with this increasing interest we have expanded our selection of ecologically-produced fruits and vegetables.

Since 2006 we have actively searched for local suppliers and prioritized locally-produced vegetables and fruits. We believe that much of the taste found in local raw products doesn’t lessen at the same rate as products that have travelled greater distances. By locally-produced we mean products that are cultivated no more than 250 -300 kilometers from Grönsakshallen Sorunda, by this definition products from Gotland are also considered to be produced locally.

To enable our customers to follow up on their purchases of ecological and locally-produced products, we clearly indicate on our packing slips just how much of their order consists of these types of products.