There are no less than five buyers/purchasers plus a purchasing manager working in our purchasing department all of them with their own area of expertise.

In order to offer the best possible range of products there is always an ongoing dialogue between our purchasers and sales staff who deal with customers. New products are brought in and tested together so that there is first-hand knowledge about the taste, texture and possible areas of usage for all new items.

Before every season we make visits to growers to go through what is currently being cultivated and even to find out if any new products or methods are possible. For example, we worked in collaboration with an asparagus grower in Gotland in an attempt to prolong the asparagus season there. This grower has now found a type of asparagus that may be harvested later and consequently the growing season has been extended an addition two weeks.

We take the time to attend various trade fairs to meet with our producers and suppliers, find new products and see what the coming trends are.

It is vital for us to work in close cooperation with our suppliers. Besides the fact that the products we buy should be of the very highest quality, they should also be fairly priced and have the right conditions for delivery. All of these factors must be in sync so that our customers are satisfied.


Ylva Löf Ylva Löf Purchaser +46 (0)8-506 258 13 +46(0)70-715 24 13 ylva.lof@gronsakshallen.se
Per Håkansson Per Håkansson Purchaser +46 (0)8-506 258 11 +46(0)70-715 24 11 per.hakansson@gronsakshallen.se
Johan Rodlert Johan Rodlert Purchaser +46 (0)8-506 258 09 +46(0)70-715 24 09 johan.rodlert@gronsakshallen.se
Kjell Jannesson Kjell Jannesson Purchaser +46 (0)8-506 258 85 +46(0)70-684 33 25 kjell.jannesson@gronsakshallen.se
Mattias Dernelid Mattias Dernelid Purchaser Smakriket +46 (0)8-506 258 68 +46(0)70-450 58 00 mattias.dernelid@gronsakshallen.se
Mats Karlsson Mats Karlsson Purchaser +46 (0)8-506 258 28 +46(0)70-715 24 28 mats.karlsson@gronsakshallen.se